How to Put Together Century Fold-N-Go Playpens

The Century Fold-N-Go playpen is a portable playpen to give your baby an independent play area while still keeping him confined for your peace of mind 1. The playpen ensures a play area that is free of contaminants that may be found on the carpet and eliminates the concern that she may be injured by household furniture. Assemble the playpen properly to ensure that your baby is safe, making sure that the side rails are secure.

Remove the outer bag from the playpen. Loosen the three hook-and-loop straps securing the floor panel to the outside of the playpen. Remove the floor panel from the outside of the playpen and set it aside.

Separate the four legs on the playpen until the sides are just slightly apart. Keep the circle in the center of the floorboard positioned upright. Pull up on each of the side rails one at a time. Pull straight up until the rail locks in place. You will hear an audible click when the rail locks. Press down slightly on the rail to be sure it does not move to confirm that it locked.

Pull up on the center circle in the base of the playpen if any of the side rails do not lock properly. The center of the floor must remain upright at least 18 inches for the rail locks to engage.

Push the center circle straight down, working the legs out away from the middle as needed to make room for the floor to level out. Push down until you feel the center platform lock in place.

Insert the floorboard into the playpen with the padded side facing up, securing it with the hook and loop straps inside the playpen.

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