Bugaboo Frog Assembly Instructions

From the moment you found out you were expecting, you probably have been preparing and purchasing the gear you are going to need. A must for any mom is a high-quality stroller so you can enjoy long walks with your little bundle of joy. The Bugaboo Frog is a multi-terrain stroller that grows with baby, featuring a bassinet for your newborn and harnessed seat that can carry a child of up to 40 pounds. After purchasing a Bugaboo Frog, it's important to know the proper way to assemble it and replace pieces as your baby grows.

Preparing the Chassis and Wheels

Attach the wheels by sliding each one up into a wheel socket until you hear a click, which means they are locked in. Ensure you have placed the larger wheels into the back sockets and the swivel wheels into the sockets at the front of the stroller.

Pull the release knobs on the handlebar to unlock it, then lift up until it clicks into place on each side.

Position your foot on the crossbar and push it away from your body, as you continue to raise the handlebar. With all of the wheels on the ground, pull down on the swivel hub locking switch to lock the chassis into place.

Using the Bassinet

Use the bassinet for your baby when he is younger than 6 months, weighs 20 pounds or less and is less than 28 inches long. Stop using the bassinet when your baby passes the age, weight or height limit, or when he is able to sit up on his own -- whichever comes first.

Position the bassinet's side brackets over the top of the chassis. Then, press the bassinet down onto the chassis legs until each side clicks into place. The bassinet is reversible, so you can position it front- or rear-facing.

Remove the bassinet when your baby outgrows it by pressing the white buttons on each side of the bassinet simultaneously, then pulling it free.

Moving on Up

Attach the harnessed stroller seat whenever your baby is capable of safely sitting up in the stroller.

Hold the Bugaboo Frog seat over the chassis, then position the side brackets onto the chassis legs and press down until each side clicks to lock into place. Just like with the bassinet, the seat can be attached front- or rear-facing.

Recline the seat or pull it upright by pressing the round buttons on each side.

Take the seat back off of the frame by pressing the white buttons located on the sides of the seat and pulling it up.


Assemble your stroller pieces in an area away from your baby to prevent pinched fingers. Properly strap your baby into your Bugaboo Frog each time you place her in it. Never leave your baby unattended in the stroller, warns HealthyChildren.org.

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