Johnny Jump Up Directions

A Johnny Jump Up is a baby jumper that hangs in a doorway, from the door frame 1. Several companies make versions of the Johnny Jump Up 1. Due to the variations between types of Johnny Jump Ups, it's very important to consult the manufacturer's manual for assembly instructions 1. If you don't have the assembly instruction booklet, contact the manufacturer and request a new one, or check online to see if the manufacturer instructions have been posted.

Assemble the device, then attach the Johnny Jump up to the top of the door frame as specified in the instruction manual 1. Ensure that the jumper is in the middle of the doorway so that the stress is placed as evenly in the doorway as possible, and also so the baby won't be inclined to crash into the sides of the doorway when jumping.

Place baby inside the jumper. Place one foot through each hole and settle your baby into the seat. The baby's toes should just reach the floor for easy jumping; she should not be able to stand flat-footed.

Supervise your baby at all times while in the Johnny Jump Up 1. Make sure the area around the doorway is clear of toys or furniture that she could crash into while jumping, as well as far from any heaters, stoves or fireplaces. Watch older siblings around the Johnny Jump Up as well, that no one tries to push or swing the baby in the jumper, or climb in themselves 1.


Always make sure to test your Johnny Jump Up before placing your child in it. Pull on the seat and simulate bouncing it to ensure it is attached to the door frame correctly and securely.


Check your Johnny Jump Up for buckles in the seat. If your device comes equipped with buckles, use them for your child's stability and safety.

Babies should only use a Johnny Jump Up if they can sit well without support, as the bouncing could be damaging without proper neck control.

It's also important to check the age and weight limits on the jumper and not use it before your child is old enough, or after he has reached the weight limit, generally 20 to 25 pounds. For example, Graco's website suggests not using their doorway jumper before a child can hold his head up, and not after 25 pounds.

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