How to Disassemble an Eddie Bauer Baby Play Yard

With a few simple adjustments, the Eddie Bauer Complete Care Play Yard can be used as a bassinet, changing station or play yard for your baby. When it's time to store your play yard or fold it up for convenient traveling, your Eddie Bauer baby play yard can be disassembled in minutes. Store your play yard in its traveling case with all of the included parts so you are prepared for the next time you need it.

Pull the Velcro tabs on the play yard floor free from the base and lift the floor out of the play yard.

Pull the center lock in the middle of the play yard base floor straight up to release.

Press the buttons under the side rails on two opposite sides of the play yard, pulling up slightly and then pushing down to release and fold the side rails. Repeat on the other two opposite sides to release all four side rails.

Fold the play yard together with the center pulled upward and the side rails collapsed together.

Lay the play yard floor flat on the ground with the cushioned side facing up.

Lay the collapsed play yard on top of the play yard floor.

Fold the play yard floor around the collapsed play yard and use the Velcro straps to secure it.

Insert the play yard wrapped in the floor into the carrying bag.

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