Baby Trend Playard Instructions

When you must put your baby down, either for quiet play or for sleep, a play yard offers a safe alternative. A Baby Trend Playard assembles quickly and stores away in a zipper bag when you’re not using it. Follow manufacturer instructions to ensure that you use this equipment correctly for optimal safety for your child.

Assembly Instructions

The zipper bag holds all parts of the Playard – the frame, mattress and leg extensions. Unfasten the mattress from around the frame and set it aside. Turn the frame upside down and push a leg extension onto the bottom of each leg until it snaps firmly into place. Pull on each leg extension to make sure you’ve attached it securely. Turn the Playard over and grasp the rails. As you hold the rails, keep the handle in the floor of the Playard raised with the feet hanging below, almost touching each other. Keep the bottom rails folded and pointed upward while you lock the top rails. Push the center of the frame floor down until it locks into place. As you push the floor down, the top rails should lock tightly. Press each top rail down to make sure you’ve locked them. Place the mattress onto the frame floor with the padding facing up. Insert the six straps on the underside of the mattress through slots on the bottom sides of the Playard and fasten the straps under the Playard to secure the mattress.

Dissassembly of Playard

By reversing the assembly process, you can quickly fold up the Playard to put it away. Unfasten the six straps from the underside of the Playard and take the mattress out of the frame. Set the mattress aside. Pull the floor strap straight up until it’s even with the top rails of the frame. Move the four feet so they are almost touching each other – the rails will continue to be locked. Push the release button on the bottom edge of each rail and lift slightly to unlock the rails. Once unlocked, continue pushing the release button and push down on each rail until it resembles a “U.” Pull the floor strap up and place the legs together to fold the frame compactly. Wrap the mattress around the folded frame and secure the mattress with the three straps. Insert the folded Playard into the zipper bag and close it.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Surface clean the Playard with household dish soap or detergent and warm water. Lightly rub any spots or stains with a soapy cloth and then rinse the area with warm water. Do not bleach the Playard fabric. Every time you reassemble the Playard, inspect it carefully to make sure pieces are not damaged or missing. If you discover damaged or missing pieces, don’t use the Playard until you replace the parts with Baby Trend replacement parts.

Manufacturer Warnings

The Baby Trend manufacturer warns consumers to use only the mattress provided with the Playard to avoid a suffocation risk from a mattress that does not fit the frame properly or that could be too thick. Always assemble the Playard completely with all four rails locked and check to ensure the rails lock securely. If your child can climb out of the unit, stop using it. Supervise your child carefully while he is in the Playard. Do not place large toys or pillows into the Playard as your little one could use these objects to climb out. When a child reaches 35 inches in height or 30 pounds in weight, discontinue using the Playard.

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