How to Put Together a Graco Winnie the Pooh Pack & Play

The Graco company is a popular manufacturer of infant, toddler and child products. This company offers a variety of juvenile products, including car seats, travel systems, high-chairs and swings. They introduced their first portable playard in 1987, and have added many features to the Pack N' Play since its debut. Many Graco Pack N' Plays now feature push-button folding, a removable bassinet, easy-to-clean toys and changing table. The Winnie the Pooh-themed Pack N' Play is one of Graco's portable playards 1.

Opening and Folding the Pack N' Play

Unzip the bag and remove the playard. Stand the playard upright. Unhook the Velcro tabs and set the mattress and bag aside.

Pull the four corners posts apart to open; leave the center of the playard up. Grab the center of one of the bars and pull up until you hear a click; this will lock the bar into place. If top rails do not latch, lift the center of the floor higher and try again. Test the bar to make sure it is sturdy and repeat these steps for the three other bars.

Hold one side of the playard up, then push down on the center of the floor to lock it into position. Test to make sure the frame is sturdy; the playard should be fully erect.

Hold the mattress pad, soft side up, and place it into the bottom of the playard. Feed the two Velcro tabs on the bottom of the mattress through the corresponding buttonholes on the floor of the playard and attach them to the snaps on the bottom of the unit. Tuck the four corners of the mattress pad underneath the corner stiffeners.

Fold the Pack N' Play 1. Release the two straps and remove the mattress pad from the unit. Lift the center of the playard halfway up into a "V" position before attempting to unlock the sides. Keep the center bar in the "V" position and lift up slightly on the top rail. Place your finger over the center of the top bar, with your thumb on the "Press to Unlock" button found on the side. Push the button in while simultaneously pushing the bar down to release the lock. Push down until the side resembles a "U" shape. Repeat this step for all four bars, then pull up on the center of the playard floor. Gather the folded playard and wrap the mattress around the unit. Feed the straps through the bottom corner loops and snap them together with the two other Velcro straps. Put the playard into the bag, making sure the handle comes through the opening of the bag, and zip it closed.

Assembling the Bassinet and Changing Table

Use the bassinet with a fully assembled Pack N' Play. Remove the mattress pad from the bottom of the playpen and set aside.

Slide the small metal support tubes through the short sides of the bassinet fabric, and the large metal tubes through the long sides of the bassinet fabric. Lay the bassinet over top of the playard frame and snap all four tubes into place.

Install the two support tubes into the indicated slots of the bassinet; insert the mattress pad into the bassinet.

Attach the changing table. First, insert the curved metal poles for the changing table into the sleeves of the changing pad. Next, snap the leg tubes together on the short sides of the bassinet, and attach the short tubes into the changing table mounts. Then, insert the assembled ends of the changing table into the indicated spots on the corner of the bassinet and lock them into place. Test to make sure the changing table is securely attached.

Remove the changing table. Locate the locking button at the bottom of the changing table. Push the button in while pulling up on corner of changing table. Repeat this for the other side. Remove the bassinet by pulling the metal tubes out of the playard.

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