Instructions for Putting Together the Disney Care Center Play Yard

Some parents need portable equipment to keep babies occupied. Disney's Care Center Play Yard is a device for the baby to safely play and sleep. Setting up the unit requires a few steps.

Disney Care Center Play Yard

Remove the mattress, which is strapped around the Play Yard, and set it aside.

Open the Play Yard slightly, keeping the middle of the unit's floor pulled up and not laid flat.

Grasp one of the side rails and tug it up so the rail locks. Repeat the process for the other three rails. The order doesn't matter.

Push the center of the Play Yard down so the floor flattens and the play yard is opened. This also rotates the center legs into the down position.

Lay the mattress into the Play Yard, with the padded side facing up.

Thread the tabs attached to the bottom of the mattress through the slots in the bottom of the Play Yard and press them into the hook and loop tape on the underside of the unit. This will prevent the mattress from moving.

Disney Care Center Bassinet

Take the mattress out of the play yard.

Look at the outside of the bassinet to find the clips that attach to the Play Yard. Insert the clips in the openings located on the inside rails. The clips slide behind the hook and loop tapes. Insert the clips and press the bassinet into the hook and loop tape.

Take the two rods that create the bassinet's floor support. Pull each rod apart to create four smaller rods. Insert each rod piece into the sleeves located on opposite ends of the bassinet floor. Put the rods back together by lifting them slightly and sliding the smaller one into the larger one. Push the rods flat to the bassinet floor.

Position the mattress into the bassinet with the padded side up. Press firmly in the corners to secure the hook and loop tape on the back of the mattress to the bottom of the bassinet.

Disney Care Center Baby Care Organizer

Move your Disney Care Center Play Yard so the end without wheels is facing the room and it's easily accessible.

Find the two small openings on either side of the rail. These notches are on the inside of the side bars.

Pick up the organizer and slip the hooks at the top, inside edge into the notches on the Play Yard.

Press down firmly to set the hooks fully into the notches. Spread the fabric of the organizer to access the storage space for items such as diapers, baby wipes and extra clothing or blankets.


If you can't get the rails to lock, lift the center of the unit's floor higher. Always use the Play Yard with the mattress.


Do not use the bassinet with a child that weighs more than 15 pounds. Never place more than three pounds of material into the baby organizer or you risk tipping the Play Yard over.

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