Bumbo Tray Instructions

Soft, durable foam Bumbo seats have taken the baby product world by storm. Bumbo seats are popular because of what they offer -- a chance for babies who are too young to sit on their own to sit upright and engage in playtime with delighted parents and caregivers. To help facilitate play even more, you may opt to purchase a play tray for your Bumbo seat. Play trays can hold toys and keep them right within baby's reach so he is is happy sitting in his Bumbo for even longer; you may even have time to make yourself a sandwich.

Place your baby in the Bumbo seat 2. Be sure that the Bumbo is on the floor and not resting on anything unstable, as that could be dangerous for baby.

Snap the pedestal of the tray under the front of the Bumbo -- the wide part goes on the bottom -- and place the pedestal so that the narrow part is centered at the pommel of the Bumbo. Be sure not to pinch baby's legs.

Place the tray on top of the pedestal and snap it into place between the pedestal's two grooves. Your Bumbo play tray is now installed and ready for fun.

Remove the Bumbo tray before taking your baby out of the seat 2. Gently but firmly pull the tray out of the pedestal until it unsnaps. You can now either leave the pedestal attached for next time, or unsnap it from the bottom of the Bumbo seat and remove it as well.

Clean your Bumbo tray using mild soap and warm water. The Bumbo play tray is not dishwasher safe.


To remove the play tray, you may find it easier to tilt the tray slightly towards your baby and push gently against the back of the Bumbo seat while pulling upwards.


Never place your Bumbo seat on a raised or unstable surface, as your baby could suffer a dangerous fall. Never leave your baby unattended in a Bumbo seat; always be sure you are close by.

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