How to Assemble a Disney Princess Indoor/Outdoor Tent

The Disney Princess tent is designed to be used indoors since it is made of polyester material, but it can also be used outside in warm weather. It can be used either as a playhouse or as a sleeping area big enough for one child at least 4 years of age. Manufactured by Exxel Outdoors, this pink dome tent features the images of Cinderella, Snow White and Belle from Beauty and the Beast. When fully assembled, it is 3 feet high and 5 feet wide. The tent features a zippered "D" door and two poles for support.

Pick an area inside or outside that is at least 5 feet high for your tent. The tent is not that tall when fully erected, but the tent will be difficult to assemble without enough overhead space because the support poles only bend with the tent.

Remove the tent and poles from the packaging and lay all the materials on the ground. Pull on each corner of the tent so it is flat.

Insert each pole into the fabric pocket found on the front and back corners of the tent. Continue sliding the pole until it reaches the other end. The pole will bend with the tent and form a "U" shape.

Place the fabric roof on top of the tent. The square roof will fit any way you place it because the dimensions are the same for each side.

Attach the plastic hooks on each corner of the fabric roof to the loops on top of the pole sleeves. The fabric will stretch tight and cover the ventilation gap in the tent ceiling.


Don't over-flex the poles because this will put too much strain on the metal pieces.

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