How to Take Apart an Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper

The Arm's Reach Original Co-Sleeper Bassinet can be used as a co-sleeper, a play yard, or a changing table with a few simple conversions. If you need to pack away your co-sleeper for a vacation or storage, you can easily take it apart to store in its carrying bag. When you are ready to use your co-sleeper again, remember to always check that all of the co-sleeper rails and parts have clicked into place again.

Unbuckle the two nylon straps on the rear legs of the co-sleeper and pass the buckles through the loops on the front legs to free the co-sleeper from the straps connecting it to the adult bed.

Remove the resistance plate from the adult mattress by turning it horizontal to the ground and sliding it under the mattress and out on the side near the co-sleeper. You may need to loosen the strap first first.

Release the Velcro straps that attach the mattress pad to the co-sleeper and lift the mattress pad free from the metal support bars.

Remove the fabric liner from the co-sleeper.

Slide the metal support bars up and out of the co-sleeper. Place the support bars and place them in the storage bag.

Push the center of the front lower bar, below the lowered upper bar, up until it folds slightly.

Unlock the front lowered bar of the co-sleeper by pushing the two buttons in the center of the bar under the fabric and pushing the center of the bar down.

Push the locking tabs at the corners of the lowered bar and push toward the center of the co-sleeper.

Lift the lowered bar free of the locking tabs and raise it level to the other three upper bars.

Insert the the bar into the upper slots and push down until you hear the upper locking tabs click.

Pull the handle in the center of the co-sleeper floor up until the bottom of the co-sleeper pulls together.

Press the buttons under the fabric in the center of each of the remaining three upper bars and push down until each rail folds down towards the floor.

Pull the four top corners of the co-sleeper together, folding the top rails in and down.

Lay the co-sleeper on its side on the floor with the top four corners still together. Push the bottom legs together, one side at a time until they are even with the top four corners. While you will need to push firmly, do not use excessive force.

Fold the mattress over the the exposed top and sides of the folded co-sleeper laying on the floor, aligning the folds of the mattress with the corners of the co-sleeper. The cushioned side of the mattress should be facing in towards the co-sleeper.

Roll the co-sleeper over to fold the mattress over the last side of the co-sleeper.

Pull the Velcro straps on one end of the mattress through the slots on the other end of the mattress and attach to the Velcro tabs next to the slots.

Pull the co-sleeper bag over the co-sleeper, being careful to align the carrying handle on the mattress with the handle opening on the bag.

Tuck the co-sleeper sheet into the end of the bag, if desired.

Close the zipper on the bag, and store as desired.


Refer to your co-sleeper manual for helpful illustrations.

If you are having difficulty pressing down the top rail buttons, try gently pushing and lifting the rails repeatedly to help the bars unlock.

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