Instructions for an Instep Safari TT

Schwinn's Safari TT jogging stroller features an instant lock switch to switch the jogger to a swivel stroller with the flip of a lever. Its one-handed folding mechanism means you can fold the stroller while still having one hand free to hold your child. Two storage areas give you compartments to store personal items or child gear. Adjustable features offer you the ability to secure your child safely and keep him comfortable.

Press and release the storage latch on the stroller's side to unfold the stroller. Pull the stroller up until the side latches lock.

Step on the brake bar located between the wheels to engage the brakes. Lift up on the brake bar to disengage the brakes.

Place the child in the seat and position the "T-strap" between the child's legs. Place each shoulder strap over each of the child's shoulders. Clip the shoulder straps on the waist buckle. Push the waist strap into the center buckle to snap it closed. Adjust the straps to fit securely on the child by moving the slides up or down to loosen or tighten them.

Pull on the recline buckle's center ring on the back of the seat to recline it. Keep pulling on the ring and pulling back the seat until you have it set to the desired position.

Push the seat upright by holding the two cords, pushing up on the recline buckle and pushing up on the seat until it's set into position.

Push the handle buttons in while moving the handle to adjust it to different heights.

Adjust the leg rest by pulling on the side levers and leg rest until set to the desired position.

Flip the front wheel's lever to lock it and keep it from turning. Flip it the opposite way to unlock it.

Press the folding lever located on the handlebar to fold the stroller, if folding a single model. As the stroller starts to fold, push the frame together and hook the storage latch to keep it folded securely.

To fold a double model, push the lock button to the left while pushing the folding lever. As the stroller starts to fold, push the frame together and hook the storage latch to keep it folded securely.


Clean the Instep Safari TT by wiping the frame, seat and canopy with a soft cloth moistened with warm water and a mild soap. Air dry.

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