How to Put Together a Kolcraft Rocking Bassinet

The Kolcraft Cuddle N Care rocking bassinet offers a stationary setting on wheels and a rocking assembly to rock and soothe your baby 1. The bassinet provides the flexibility to change the assembly at any time. You can assemble the bassinet easily at home. When you want the ability to roll the bassinet from one location to another, you can raise the rocking base to expose the wheels.

Install both locking wheels on one leg of the bassinet. Push the wheels into position until there is no gap between the base and the lip on the wheel. Install the non-locking wheels on the opposite leg, pushing the wheels into place until there is no gap between the base and the lip on the wheel.

Rest one bassinet leg on the floor so the inside edge of the leg assembly is facing up. Insert the four straight rods into the "A" marked slots on the leg. Push the rods into place until they click. Press the other leg onto the rods until they click into place, creating a one-piece assembly.

Raise the bassinet frame until it is upright, resting on the wheels. Insert the two curved wires into the top of the bassinet frame, one on each end. Make sure the curve faces out away from the frame when you install the wires.

Insert the cloth basket into the bassinet frame. Snap the straps around the poles in the frame. Secure the upper snaps first, then the lower snaps. Tie the strings on each end of the basket around the frame poles on the ends.

Unfold the support bars beneath the floor support of the bed portion of the bassinet. Check the fabric snaps around the bed portion and fasten all the fabric snaps to the floor support. Insert the bassinet pad into the bed portion of the bassinet.

Place the bed into the curved wires on the frame. Snap the four safety straps on the bottom of the bassinet around the poles on the frame. Push the plastic mounts at the base of the canopy into the slots on the sides of the bed. Attach the Velcro around the base of the canopy to the bassinet.

Press the locking tabs above the wheels to pull the rocking base down over the wheels. Repeat the process on the opposite end to convert the bassinet to a rocking position. Pull up on the rocking base to confirm that it is locked in place over the wheels.


Never transition the bassinet to or from the rocking assembly while the baby is inside. Always ensure the bassinet is empty before modifying the base. Discontinue use of the bassinet when baby is able to pull himself up.

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