How to Fold Down the Cosco Play Yard

The Cosco Funsport Play Yard is a portable way to safely entertain your baby. A carrying bag is provided with the play yard to simplify its transportation. The four sides are covered with mesh, the floor is padded and there is an extra security latch to ensure the baby’s safety.

Remove the pad from the inside of the Cosco Play Yard.

Pull the red handle to loosen the legs. Locate the button in the middle of each of the long sides of the play yard. Press in both buttons to loosen the support arm at the top.

Locate the button on each of the short sides of the play yard. Push both buttons in.

Pull up the red handle in the middle and collapse the four corners. They should meet in the middle and close.

Put the play yard in its provided cover.


Always secure the play yard with the extra security latch when you set it up again.

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