Instructions for a Graco DuoGlider Stroller

The DuoGlider is a double stroller designed and sold by Graco 1. The DuoGlider can accommodate up to two Graco SnugRide or Graco SafeSeat infant car seats 1. Both of the stroller seats are equipped with removable canopy and snack tray. The stroller must first be assembled before it can be used. It’s important to learn the proper instructions to ensure safety and make sure that proper locking mechanisms are installed.

Open the stroller by unlatching the secure hook on the side of the unit. Push the footrest down into vertical position. Turn the stroller upside down to install the basket and wheels.

Align the stroller basket with the two basket bars. Push the basket firmly onto the back of the stroller. Snap the securing straps over the bar and onto the basket to ensure that the basket stays in place.

Align the front wheels with the front feet of the stroller. Push the wheel firmly in place. Pull down on the wheel to ensure it is secured; do this for both front wheels. The two larger wheels go on the back, and the two smaller wheels go on the front.

Recline the back seat, pull up on the recline lever and pull back. Insert the brake bar on the back two feet of the stroller; the brake levers should be facing away from the stroller. Slide the back wheels onto the brake bar. Use a hammer to secure the wheel in place with the axle cap.

Flip the stroller back to normal operating position. Snap the snack tray on the front seat and, if desired, one on the back seat. The stroller is now ready for use.

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