Safety First Baby Gate Instructions

Keep a child safe by using a safety gate to block doorways or stairways. A secure baby gate can prevent a child from accessing areas of a home or from exiting through a doorway. The Safety First brand of children’s products manufactures baby gates designed for convenient operation by adults with security for children. Use a Safety First gate according to product instructions to keep your child safe in the home 1.

Measure the doorway and make sure it fits within the stated widths the gate will accommodate in the gate instructions. For a pressure-mount gate, the minimum width is 28 inches and for hardware mounting the minimum width is 30 inches.

Position the gate in the opening for pressure mounting. Lift the gate handle until you see the “unlocked” symbol beneath the handle.

Press down the side and top buttons simultaneously while lifting the gate handle. Adjust the side panels to fit the opening by pulling them out or pushing them in. The side panels must touch the doorway opening surfaces securely.

Push the handle down completely to lock the gate in the opening. You should now see a “locked” symbol beneath the handle.

Check the gate’s security by pushing on the top bar slightly. If you have installed the gate properly, it will not move. If the gate moves, repeat the steps.

Remove the gate to allow access through the doorway by pushing the top button and lifting the handle up until you see the “unlocked” symbol. Remove it from the doorway and the panels will stay set to enable you to replace the gate in the doorway again after you pass through.


Install hinges on one side of a doorway or stair railing and wall cups on the other side of the opening for a hardware mounted gate. Use the templates to mark the places for the four holes on each side of the doorway. Drill the holes and attach the hinges and wall cups with the screws included with the gate. Insert the gate into the hinge pockets, adjust the side panels as necessary and push down the handle to lock the gate. Lift the handle, push the button and lift the gate from the hinge pockets to remove it.


Baby gates are for use while adults are present. Babies should not be left in a room unattended even when baby gates are installed. Discontinue the use of a baby gate when the child begins to attempt to crawl over it due to safety concerns.

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