Instructions for the Safety 1st Sounds 'n Lights Activity Walker

The Safety 1st Sounds 'N Lights Activity Walker provides a safe and fun environment for a baby who can already sit up well. The lights and sounds will entertain the baby, while the secure seat and frame will keep him safe with proper assembly and use. Assembling the Safety 1st Sounds 'N Lights Activity Walker requires no tools and is quick and easy. Proper care and use of the walker will keep the unit working effectively and safely.


Remove plastic wrap from all parts. Hand wash the parts using a washcloth and warm, soapy water. Do not submerge the electronic toys.

Attach the seat by inserting the three plastic pegs on the front of the fabric seat into the three holes on the front of the seat opening on the walker frame. Insert the left peg and rotate to tighten. Then insert the right and middle pegs and rotate to tighten. Insert the four buckles from the back of the fabric seat into the four slots with which they are now aligned on the frame. Lay the buckles flat against the frame. Press down on the fabric seat to test the security. If a buckle or peg loosens, repeat the assembly process.

Attach the two front wheels by inserting each caster into the caster hole on the bottom of the base. Push in until secure.

Attach the front legs of the seat and tray frame to the base. Fully extend and lock the legs by pressing the height adjustment button, pulling out the legs, and rotating the button counter clockwise to lock. Align the front of the base with the front of the tray, as indicated by the Safety 1st logo. Gently press the front legs into the glide tracks on the base one at a time. When attached, slide both legs as far toward the back of the base as possible.

Attach the rear legs of the seat and tray to the base. Locate the keyholes at the rear of the base. Gently press the rear legs and insert them into the wide top of the keyhole. Firmly press the legs down to secure the legs into the narrow bottom of the keyholes. Check that all four legs are securely attached.

Snap the three pegs on each of the two rear wings into the matching holes on the main tray by pressing firmly on the wings.

Attach the toy bars to the activity tray by matching the large and small holes on the bars with those on the tray. Press firmly until they snap into place.

Attach the activity tray to the main tray by inserting the rear activity tray tabs into the matching slots on the main tray. Keep them in place while rotating the activity tray down and inserting the front tabs of the activity tray into the front slots of the main tray.

Care and Use

Adjust the seat height so baby's feet reach the ground comfortably. Locate the height adjustment button on the front underside of the main tray. When the baby is not in the unit, press the button while moving the frame up or down. Lock the height by rotating the button counterclockwise. Use the height adjustment lever to collapse the unit completely for storage or travel. It will not lock when collapsed.

Activate the sounds and lights on the activity tray by moving the switch to "On." Press the large center button. If the lights and sounds do not turn on and this is a new unit, contact Safety 1st for a replacement. If it is a used unit, the non-replaceable battery may have worn out.

Clean the grip strips on the underside of the walker base with a damp cloth and warm water. Use a damp cloth to clean the lights and sounds toys. Never submerge them or wet them excessively. Remove the fabric seat by threading the buckles back through their slots and pulling gently on the pegs until they come free. Wash the seat in the washing machine on delicate in cold water and hang to dry.

Remove the activity tray from the main unit by pressing inward on the front of the activity tray, rotating the front up toward the rear, and pulling gently to free the rear tabs.

Check the height adjustment lock, the leg attachment, and the seat stability prior to each use.


Always lock the height-adjustment button completely before placing baby in walker. Baby must be able to sit up securely on his own, must weigh less than 30 pounds, and must be shorter than 32 inches to safely use the Safety 1st Sounds 'N Lights Activity Walker.

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