How to Fold a Mountain Buggy Stroller

Since 1992, the New Zealand company Mountain Buggy® has designed and manufactured a wide range of durable, all-terrain strollers and related equipment to make it easier for parents to travel with young children. Mountain Buggy® Strollers---Urban, Urban Elite, Swift, Terrain and Double model designs---feature a simple locking/unlocking and folding system for easy storage. If you have the physical ability to click/unclick latches and locks, bend and lift, you can quickly fold and store your Mountain Buggy® stroller.

Fold down the adjustable handle of your Mountain Buggy® stroller.

Pull open the lock latch on both lock guards to the right and left of the foot plate where your child would normally rest his or her feet.

Grasp and pull the front of the seat near the foot plate upward while pushing and tilting the back of the seat downward. If completed correctly, the entire aluminium frame and seat should lay flat against the wheels parallel to the ground with the front wheel folded underneath the frame and the sun hood pushed back and flat against the seat.

Lock your Mountain Buggy stroller into the folded position or, if using a model manufactured prior to 2006, wrap the locking strap located on the handlebar support bar around the stroller's axle to secure the folded position.


For narrow storage spaces, stand the stroller upright. If completed correctly, the front end of the stroller's aluminium frame and fabric seat should point upward with the front wheel folded inward under the frame. The top of the back of the seat and frame should lay flush against the back wheels. If using an Urban/Urban Elite stroller model, always unlock and turn the wheels forward before folding. To unlock the front swivel wheel(s), pull and twist the lock knob until the "unlocked" icon appears at the top of the knob. If you need to create additional storage room for an Urban or Urban Elite stroller, fold it into a smaller form by removing the wheels off the side axles and pushing the axles in under the frame. To remove the seat as well as fold the frame, unsnap the seat from the sides of the metal frame (four snaps per side), unhook all of the straps that secure the seat to the frame and remove the sun hood by unsnapping it from the seat.


Always watch the placement of your fingers while folding your stroller to reduce accidental pinching. Always confirm that the locks on your Mountain Buggy® work properly before folding or unfolding the stroller as storing or using non-working locks can result in damage to the stroller or injury to you or a child. Always listen for a "click" sound if compressing your Urban or Urban Elite stroller into a smaller form when removing the wheels and pushing in the axles. The sound guarantees that the axles locked securely into place.

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