How to Baby-Proof a Spiral Staircase

A spiral staircase adds elegance to any space, but it's dangerous for a baby. Just like a straight staircase, a baby risks falling down the stairs once he becomes mobile. Spiral staircases are a bit trickier to baby-proof, but it’s a task that’s necessary to protect your child from injury 2.

Place safety gates at the top and bottom of the stairs. Several types of baby gates are available on the market. Ensure that the type of gate your choose fits snugly between the walls and cannot be knocked down by the baby. Home improvement expert Don Vandervort, writing at, recommends using safety gates that have a fixed attachment on the sides that mount directly into the wall 3. These types of gates will provide the best security for protecting your baby from getting onto the stairs.

Keep clutter, toys and other debris off the stairs. Not only can this cause the baby to trip if he does gain access to the stairs, it might tempt him to try to get to the stairs in the first place.

Place nonskid mats on each of the steps of the stairs. If the baby does get on the stairs, these mats reduce the risk of him falling or slipping.

Place wood at the back of each stair, if they are open-backed. It’s not uncommon for spiral staircases to not have a back on each step. Use nails and a hammer to secure a piece of wood on the back of the steps to prevent the baby from falling through the hole.

Install bendable hard plastic sheeting on the spiral staircase if it does not have a banister with rails to prevent the baby from falling through. Installation will vary depending on the type of material used to construct the staircase, but typically, the sheeting will be hung with mounting brackets. Contact a craftsman, if necessary, to ensure the sheeting is installed properly.

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