How to Fold a Joovy Caboose

Joovy manufactures a variety of children's products, including strollers. The Joovy Caboose is a tandem stroller designed to transport an infant in the front seat and an older child behind. The youngster riding in back stands on a platform and holds onto hand grips on the sides of the stroller handlebar. When it's time to put the Caboose away, fold it according to the manufacturer's instructions. Keep children away from the stroller while folding to prevent injuries.

Positioning the Stroller

Before folding the Caboose, prepare the stroller by positioning the components. Remove the car seat or any infant carrier from the front stroller seat, if necessary. Leave the car seat carrier support in place, if desired. Place the handlebar in the position nearest to you as you stand behind the stroller. Close the canopy and position it toward the front of the stroller. Move the front seat to the upright position. Lock the rear and front wheel brakes.

Folding the Stroller

Unfasten the safety latch at the lower left side of the Caboose. Pull upward on the mechanisms on both sides of the handlebar. While holding the mechanisms in an upward position, push forward on the handle bar. The stroller will collapse as you push. Continue pushing the handlebar forward and downward to collapse and fold the stroller completely. Lock the stroller in its folded position by pushing the latch on the right side of the stroller over the rivet.

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