How to adjust a soft close toilet seat

Soft-close toilet seats work by using quiet-close, slow-collapsing hinges. These hinges are installed directly onto the back of the toilet bowl, then the seat and lid assembly click into the hinges. When a user opens the soft-close toilet seat, it remains in an upright position until the user gently pushes it slightly downward. Once the closing motion is begun, the seat and lid close slowly, gently resting on the toilet bowl. Adjustment is easy.

Raise the lid and seat on the soft-close toilet seat to its fullest upright position.

Depress the release button in the centre of the soft-close toilet seat, then pull the seat and lid off the hinges.

Loosen the adjustment/retaining screws on the hinges set in the "fixing holes" on the back of the toilet bowl with a screwdriver.

Adjust the loose hinges by hand to the desired position, then tighten the adjustment/retaining screws into place with a screwdriver.

Press the seat and lid assembly onto the adjusted hinges to finish. Your soft-close toilet seat is now adjusted correctly.

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