Instructions for the Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun Active Learning Center

Evenflo has a variety of ExerSaucers for active babies - from the Jump and Learn to the Triple Fun Active Learning Center 12. Evenflo ExerSaucers are popular among parents across the world 2. Each ExerSaucer is designed to help a baby reach special development milestones through a range of activities that are beneficial to a baby. ExerSaucers are ideal for a variety of ages 2.

Stage 1 - Infant to 4 Months

Place the playmat on the floor.

Attach the toys to the green plastic "feet" and place the feet on either side of the playmat.

Snap the toy bar onto the feet, pressing down firmly. Baby can lay on the mat and reach up to play with the toy bar.

Stage 2 - 4 Months to Walking Age

Turn the base over and install the four stabilizer feet on the base. The feet can be flipped out to keep the ExerSaucer from rocking, or left folded in to allow baby to rock in the toy.

Install the 1- and 1/2-inch spring screws onto the pedestals. Push the pedestals through the pedestal holes on the upturned base, making sure the locking tabs are completely pushed through to keep the pedestals from popping off.

Clip the ExerSaucer legs onto the pedestals of the base, making sure each clicks into place. Set the base aside.

Insert the spring, upper leg crown and pylon ring onto the tray half, screwing to secure. Repeat for the other three springs, leg crowns and pylon rings.

Insert the upper leg into the leg crown and pull on it to make sure it's tight. Repeat for the other three legs. Snap the two tray halves together, to make one large circle. Install the leg locks onto the upper leg pieces and the tray and secure with a screw and washer.

Press the end caps onto the mounting posts of the tray for storage.

Snap the six wheels onto the seat base after turning the seat base upside down.

Turn the seat base right side up and install the seat pad onto the ring, securing with the canvas tabs until all the tabs are secured.

Press the assembled seat onto the tray until it snaps into place, and pull up to ensure it's secure. The seat should spin freely on the tray.

Snap the tray and seat base onto the bottom base by aligning the upper legs with the lower legs and snapping them into place.

Adjust the height for your baby by pushing the buttons on the legs to the desired height. Make sure all four legs are at the same height to ensure baby does not tip over.

Secure the toys onto the tray in the desired position for baby to play with them. Place baby in the seat and allow baby to play with the toys, spinning around for exercise.

Stage 3 - Sitting Up and Walking to 24 Months

Remove the toys and seat base from the tray.

Uninstall the tray and leg assemblies from the base by pushing upwards to unlock the legs.

Remove storage caps from the tray and unlock the tray halves and separate them.

Reposition the tray halves into an S-shape, snapping one side onto the other and locking into place.

Twist the leg assemblies counterclockwise until they lock into place. Do not use the activity table until the legs are locked into place.

Re-install the end caps that were used for storage onto the ends of the activity table.

Secure toys onto the activity table and re-adjust the height to the desired height by pressing the buttons on the legs. All the legs should be adjusted to the same height for safety. Your baby will be able to walk along the activity table and play.

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