Little Einstein Jumper Instructions

The Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper is a great way for your little infant to get his/her exercise while developing his/her mind 12. The jumper has a soft seat that lets the little one bounce around, and the piano keys and interactive handles create sounds and provide stimulation for your baby. Once you have clicked the frame pieces into place, it's time to install the battery and adjust the seat height so that your child can use the jumper.

Locate the piano control on the side of the jumper, and lean down so that you can see the back side of the control; this is where you need to install the batteries.

Undo the screws holding the control's battery compartment with the Phillips screwdriver, and place them on the cloth.

Install the three C/LR14 1.5V batteries into the compartment, and close it up with the screws and Phillips screwdriver.

Place your baby gently inside the seat until the ball of his/her foot is at a slightly curved angle with the floor; the position of his/her foot tells you how high the seat must be adjusted for his/her comfort.

Pull the knobs located in the front of the jumper, and click them into the appropriate hole gently to set the seat's height. Your jumper is now ready for use.

Turn the piano on by sliding the power switch in the left corner to the right; choose either the piano key symbol for "Piano Mode" or the music note symbol for "Melody Mode." Play with your baby using the piano control and the attached handles.


Use the activity jumper only if your baby is at least 4 months of age, can sit up by him/herself, is less than 30 inches tall and weighs less than 25 pounds. Your baby may hurt him/herself if he/she does not meet these conditions.

Do not allow children that can stand or walk on their own to use the jumper.

Do not swing or spin your baby in the jumper.

Do not add strings, straps, hardware or other parts to the jumper.

Do not place the jumper on an elevated surface; it must be installed on a flat surface for your baby's safety. Also, do not install the jumper near stairways.

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