How to Recline a Graco Stroller

Graco is an industry leader for providing a variety of baby safety and travel products, including stand-alone single and double strollers (strollers designed for two children) 1. Of the 13 Graco strollers currently available for purchase throughout the United States and Canada, 12 of them offer a reclining function feature (the reclining function is not offered on the Graco Mosaic stroller) 1. Using the reclining function on your Graco stroller is a simple process that does not require any specialized skills.

Stand the Graco stroller upright, and ensure that the brake is on while you are attempting to recline the stroller.

Locate the red buttons located on each side of the stroller. The button will be where your child's elbows would rest.

Press the two red buttons on each side of the stroller in order to activate the reclining function.

Lower or raise the back of the seat to the desired position.

Remove your hands from the buttons, and ensure that the seat is steadily in place by placing your hand firmly on the seat back.

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