How to Open a Graco Stroller

Opening a Graco brand baby stroller can be tricky, especially if you don't know which buttons to push or latches to release before attempting to pull the stroller upright 2. Graco manufactures two different types of strollers; single strollers for one child and double strollers for two children. Both types of strollers are convenient for parents.

Single Stroller

Place the stroller on a flat surface with the wheels on the ground and the handle facing upward.

Snap the handle into place by pressing the buttons located on the outer side bars of the handle and pulling the handlebar upward until you hear a “click.”

Release the side latches on either side of the stroller to open it. Locate the latches by looking at the center of the side of the stroller. These are plastic latches that hook from one frame bar to another frame bar. The latches keep the stroller together, making it possible to carry the stroller with one hand without worrying about the stroller opening.

Place one hand on the handlebars and one hand on the baby tray and push outward in opposite directions until you hear a “snap.” The stroller is now open for use.

Double Stroller

Place the stroller on a flat surface with the wheels pointed down and the handle facing up. Locate the storage latch found at the top of the stroller between the handlebars. The button is oval-shaped.

Remove the safety strap from the latch prior to pressing the button. The strap holds the stroller together for easy transport. Remove the strap and press the button to open the stroller.

Pull the handlebars up to straighten the stroller to the proper position until you hear a “snap.” The double stroller can be stiff if it's the first time you are using it and might require holding down the front seat while pulling up on the handlebars. Over time, you will be able to unfold the stroller using the one-handed method.

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