Sit N Stand Stroller Instructions

Because of its versatility, the Baby Trend brand Sit N Stand double stroller is popular among parents. It fits two children and can be adapted to hold an infant car seat or a sitting child in the stroller’s front seat. The child in the back can sit on a bench or even stand on a platform while the stroller is moving. Using the stroller correctly can prevent injuries.

Folding and Unfolding the Stroller

Close the canopy or remove it by pushing on the plastic lock buttons, which are located on each side of the canopy. If you keep the canopy on while folding, you can fold it forward or backward once the stroller is folded.

Unbuckle the rear seat belt.

Slide the red latch found on the stroller’s handle.

Squeeze the handle and push forward while still sliding the red release latch. The stroller should start to fold.

Release the latch and pull upward on the child tray until the stroller is completely folded.

Latch the fold latch, which is located on the right side of the stroller handle. Extend it over the rivet located on the stroller’s armrest.

Unlatch the folding latch from the right side to unfold the stroller.

Lift up on the stroller handle until the stroller is in a locked, open position.

Using an Infant Car Seat with the Stroller

Remove the child’s tray on the front street and fully recline the seat.

Slide the infant seat attachment into the slots located on the frame tube. The attachment should lock into place.

Place the car seat on the attachment. You should hear it click. While the Sit N Stand accommodates most infant car seats, some will not work. If yours works with the Sit N Stand, you will hear a click when you place it on the attachment. If not, it will just rest on the attachment.

Find the safety belt on the front seat and attach it across the infant seat. The strap should go through the seat’s seatbelt pathway. Tighten the belt so that the seat does not move.


Do not use the stroller if your children weigh more than 80 pounds combined. Adding bags and other bulk to the stroller can increase its weight and make it off balance. If your children are close to the combined total weight of 80 pounds, avoid placing excess weight on the stroller.

Keep children away from the stroller when you are folding or unfolding it to avoid pinching fingers.

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