How to Make a Jogging Stroller Track Straight

A jogging stroller provides your baby with a smooth ride and enables you to get outdoors and enjoy long walks, runs and even hikes through the woods. Over time, your jogging stroller may begin to pull to one side or the other when you push it. Make your stroller track straight again using some simple adjustments.

Tire Pressure

Take your baby out of the jogging stroller and remove all contents from the storage areas. Check the pressure of each tire to ensure they all have the recommended amount of air. PSI recommendations vary by model and should be available in your stroller's instruction manual. Add or remove air if necessary.

Wheel Rotation

Push the stroller straight forward on flat ground and let it go, to see if it pulls to the left or the right. Locate the quick release for the front wheel. This is generally found on the side of the front wheel axle. Open the release and rotate the wheel 90 degrees. Then, retighten the quick release.

Fork Position

Some strollers are adjusted, without rotating the wheel, to fix alignment problems 1. For these jogging strollers, loosen the quick release handle. Stand in front of the stroller and hold onto the front wheel. Pull the wheel a small amount away from the side where the stroller was pulling. So, if your jogging stroller is pulling to the right, move the wheel a tiny bit to the left. If it pulls to the left, pull it over some to the right. This moves the axle to a new position on the fork. Then, retighten the quick release handle. Push the stroller again on a flat surface and let go, to see if it rolls straight now.

Fine Tuning

Fine tune your jogging stroller's tracking if it still pulls to the side, if your model has this option. Open the front wheel's quick release lever and turn the right side tracking knob one turn clockwise, if your stroller is pulling to the right. Turn the left side tracking knob one turn clockwise, if the stroller pulls to the left. Tighten the quick release and push your stroller on a flat surface again to see if it tracks straight. Turn either the right or left side tracking knob again if the stroller is still pulling to the side.

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