How to Fold Umbrella Strollers

With their curved handles in the shape of an umbrella handle, the aptly named umbrella strollers are lightweight and inexpensive, making them ideal for all types of outings with your little one -- from out-of-town trips to a daily jaunt to the park. When it's time to pack up for transport or storage, most of these strollers fold in a similar way.

Safety First

Keep children away from the umbrella stroller while folding it to prevent injuries 1. Although many manufacturers make umbrella strollers, the general style and design is similar regardless of the brand. If the umbrella stroller features a canopy for sun protection, close it prior to folding the stroller 1. Lock the brakes for stability and security.

Folding Techniques

Examine the horizontal frame that connects the two rear wheels of the stroller. At the midway point of this frame bar, you will likely see a red lever.

  • Push this lever forward with your toe or fingers and move it to the left. With this process, the frame between the rear wheels should unlock and begin collapsing.

  • Push forward on the handles of the stroller to fold it compactly.

  • Squeeze the stroller together and lock it into the folded position with the locking latch located on the side of the stroller.

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