Chicco Stroller Instructions

Along with a new baby comes all sorts of baby gear. One helpful piece of gear is a quality stroller, which can help lighten your load when you and baby are out and about. Chicco makes a line of compact and full-size strollers that feature one-step set-up and fold-down capabilities 1. If you received a Chicco stroller as a gift or purchased one yourself, read through the included instructions prior to use so you can operate all of the special features and keep your little one safe and secure 1.

Trays and Basket

Most Chicco stroller models come with a parent's tray, which must be attached properly to open the stroller 1. To attach it, snap both ends onto the stroller handle. Grasp the handle and pull it up to fully open the stroller. Attach the basket stand by sliding it between the fabric at the opening on the back of the basket. Snap the basket stand onto the rear cross tube and basket tube. Slide the child's tray onto the front of the stroller until the buttons click. The tray can later be opened by pressing these buttons and pulling. Place the tray insert inside the tray and press down to snap it into place. Use the tray to hold drink cups and other items.

Wheels and Canopy

Slide the front wheel assemblies into the stroller and press in until you hear them snap into place. Take the plastic end caps off of the rear axle, then slide the rear axle into position and press until it snaps in. Position one wheel and washer onto each side of the rear axle, then put the straight side of one pin through each axle hole. Ensure that the curved end of each pin faces up. Then, apply one hubcap over each pin. Install the canopy by sliding it down the frame and over the connectors until it snaps into place.

Using Your Chicco

Secure your little one into your Chicco stroller by properly using the five-point harness, which is a standard feature for all models 1. Squeeze both sides of the buckle to release each of the straps. Sit your baby in the stroller, place the top straps down over his shoulders, pull the side straps around each side of his waist and connect the straps to the buckle, pressing down until they click securely. Recline the seat by grasping and squeezing the recline handle found on the rear of the seat, then gently pull the seat back. Put the seat back into sitting position by raising the back up until it clicks back into place. To utilize the brakes, press your foot down on the lever found on the right side of the rear axle. Release the brakes by pulling this lever up with your foot. After removing your baby, fold the stroller up by lifting up on the handle located on the parent's tray.

Attaching Chicco Infant Carrier

Some, but not all, Chicco strollers are compatible with a Chicco Keyfit infant carrier 1. If yours has this capability, place your baby's Chicco Keyfit seat onto your stroller to use it with your infant still in her carrier 1. Recline the stroller seat and locate the attachment anchors, which are found behind the flaps on each side of the stroller seat. Insert the infant seat into the stroller seat and press until it snaps into the attachment points. Grasp the handle of the infant seat and pull up on it to ensure it is attached securely. Remove your baby's car seat by squeezing on the release handle found at the top rear of the infant carrier, then lift it up and out of the stroller.

Caring for your Chicco

Keep your Chicco stroller looking its best by cleaning it regularly 1. Wash the removable seat pad in cold water on your washing machine's delicate cycle, then air dry it. Wash the frame by hand with a mild soap and warm water. Keep your wheels moving smoothly by applying a light oil on the axle and wheel assemblies when they squeak. Inspect your stroller occasionally for signs of wear, such as loose screws or torn material. Avoid excessive heat or sun, as this may cause your stroller's parts to warp and the material to fade. Should your stroller become wet, allow it to dry thoroughly before storing it.

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