Ideas for Storing Hotwheels

If you no longer play with your Hot Wheels cars, you may wish to store them. Storing Hot Wheels allows you to keep them for future use, such as passing them down to another person. A Hot Wheels car is small and does not take up a lot of room, but if you have a large collection of them, they might take up needed space in your home.

Car Case

Purchase a Hot Wheels car storage case to store your Hot Wheels 1. Typically, the Hot Wheels car storage case stores 48 cars. Count the number of Hot Wheels you need to store and purchase enough car storage cases. The Hot Wheels car storage case comes in clear plastic and is see-through, allowing you to see the cars in their case. You may purchase a Hot Wheels storage case at a department or toy store. A Hot Wheels storage case is inexpensive and does not cost a lot of money. A Hot Wheels storage case is made specifically for storing Hot Wheels cars.


Line one wall in a room with shelving if you wish to display your Hot Wheels while storing them. Purchase enough shelves to install from floor to ceiling on the wall. Place your Hot Wheels neatly on the shelves to store them and display them. This option works well when storing Hot Wheels in a boy’s room or toy room. Arrange the Hot Wheels by color or make and model of the cars. Hot Wheel collectors may also wish to store their Hot Wheels in a room while displaying their collection.


Cardboard boxes work well to store Hot Wheels when storing them. Line Hot Wheels on the bottom of the box until it’s full. Place a piece of tissue paper over the Hot Wheels, as this prevents the next row of Hot Wheels from scratching the one’s below. Continue until the box is full and you can no longer fit any more Hot Wheels in it. Depending upon the size of the box you may wish to store the box in a closet or in a storage shed in your yard. Small boxes fit well on the top shelves of closets, but larger boxes may store better in your shed, as this prevents them from cluttering a room.