How to Hook Up Little Tikes Cozy Cruisers

Made by the Little Tikes company, the Cozy Cruiser is a three-wheeled covered stroller that can convert into a two-wheeled bicycle trailer. However, you cannot simply hook up the stroller to the back of a bike. There are a number of specific changes you must make to the structure of the stroller in order to hook it up to your bike as a trailer and use it as a safe means of transporting children.

Remove the pins holding the stroller handle in place and rotate it down toward the rear of the Cozy Cruiser. Once it is flush with the rear of the stroller, replace the pins and fasten the available strap around the handle. This will lock the handle in place in its new position.

Release the single front tire from its locked position by using the release lever underneath the Cozy Cruiser. Turn the tire sideways 90 degrees and slide it back underneath the carriage. Lock it into its new position using the available strap.

Slide the bike attachment pole forward from underneath the Cozy Cruiser. Unscrew the knob from the clip at the end of the pole (the end that attaches to the bike). Slide the clip along one of the horizontal bars that supports the bike’s rear tire until it meets the vertical bar. Secure the clip by screwing the knob back into place and looping the safety strap over the bike's horizontal bar, attaching it to the clip’s “D-ring.”

Assemble the safety flagpole by sliding the bottom half into the hollowed space at the bottom of the top half. Slide the assembled pole into the slot located at the top-back-right portion of the Cozy Cruiser. This will help motorists and other bicyclists notice that you are trailing children behind your bike.

Place your child or children (up to two) in the trailer compartment and fasten their seat belts. Each child should have his own dual shoulder straps, while sharing the single lap strap.


For your children’s safety, make sure they wear bike helmets at all times while riding in the Cozy Cruiser.

To keep the weight in the trailer evenly distributed, place a single trailing child in the middle of the Cozy Cruiser. Use one shoulder strap from each seat (left and right) to create the dual shoulder strap for that single child sitting in the middle.

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