Double Strollers That Separate

Double strollers that can be separated offer a growing family the option of converting the stroller from seating two children to one and back again. These strollers are designed so that you only need to buy one stroller to fit all of your family's needs. Start off with a single stroller and convert to a double once baby number two comes along. You can also remove one of the seats if you're headed out with just one baby in tow or one grows out of the need for a stroller.

iCandy Apple to Pear Upgrade

The iCandy Apple stroller starts as a single stroller and can be upgraded as your family grows. The addition of a multifunctional "pip converter upgrade pack" converts the stroller to a double. This "pip" allows you to create more than 20 different seating combinations to suit your requirements. Just remove the pip and the stroller is easily converted back to a single-seater.

Phil & Teds Sport Buggy with Doubles Kit

The Phil & Teds Sport Buggy converts from a single to a tandem double stroller. The sport buggy features four possible modes: a single baby stroller, a single toddler stroller, a double baby and toddler stroller, and a double toddler stroller. Use the Phil & Teds Doubles Kit to convert the sport stroller from a single seater to a two-passenger, tandem double stroller. This kit is easily removed to turn the stroller back into a single-seater.

Uppa Baby Vista Stroller

The Uppa Baby Vista Stroller is a single stroller that converts to a double with the company's conversion kit dubbed "RumbleSeat." The RumbleSeat features a 10-second attachment and removal to the Vista stroller with no tools needed. Therefore, it is as quick as a flash to convert the stroller to fit your family's needs.

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller

The Baby Jogger City Select Stroller is another single stroller that can be converted to a double using the company's double conversion kit 1. The conversion kit provides the stroller with up to 16 different seating combinations, in order to meet any family's individual requirements.