DIY Playset Slide

Playset slides complete playsets. Kids of all ages enjoy sliding down slides so adding one to your playset is sure to please your children 1. Constructing your own is a budget-friendly way to make the slide as wide and as long as you want rather than being limited to what's available in your local home improvement retail store or through expensive wooden playset retailers.

Cut plywood to the width you want the slide to be. Cut two pieces of plywood and bind them with construction adhesive and wood screws. Screw from the top sheet into the bottom sheet of plywood.

Build a frame of 4 by 4 lumber to support the slide from underneath. Make the frame slightly smaller than the width of the slide. Screw through the plywood into the frame. Add several cross supports of 4 by 4 to strengthen the slide.

Attach the plywood to the playset by screwing lag bolts through the framing and into the playset.

Cover the plywood with sheet metal. Cut the sheet metal to size with tin snips. Make it long enough to tuck under the plywood on both ends to prevent sharp edges from hurting the kids who play on the slide. Cover the raw edges with a 1 by 2 piece of lumber.

Make side rails out of 4 by 4 lumber. Wrap the rails in sheet metal, making sure the sheet metal is tucked under the rails for safety. Screw the lag bolts from underneath the slide into the rails to secure them to the slide and to pull them tight to the slide so no one gets pinched between the rails and the slide.


Add a rail across the top of the playset where the slide connects to the playset. This rail encourages children to sit down at the top of the slide which is much safer than standing.


Metal gets very hot in the sunshine. Position your playset so the slide is in the shade.

Never make your slide higher than six feet.

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