How to Build a LEGO Skyscraper

LEGO building blocks have been popular for decades 2. The small plastic bricks with interlocking studs and holes have challenged the creativity of children and adults. With the variety of block sizes, a myriad of designs, including skyscrapers, can be built, taken apart and built again. LEGO blocks are designated by shape (square, rectangular, flat, etc.) and the number of studs, the raised connecting pegs, on them. The "Classic 4" is a brick with two rows of four studs. A flat plate can be thick or thin. Standard plates are 3/8-inch thick and thin plates are 1/8-inch.

Lay out the thick plates to make a 12-by-12-inch square. Place 2x4 stud bricks on the edges of the square to create a wall one layer high. Cover all of the joints of the flat plates with additional bricks. This will add stability to the base.

Add standard 2x4 stud bricks to the wall in a staggered pattern. Use 2x2 stud bricks as needed for the staggering. Build the bottom wall until it is at least 20 layers tall.

Add the thin plates onto the edge of the wall. Half of each plate will be hanging into the empty middle of the structure. This provides a base for the next, narrower part of the skyscraper.

Place 2x4 stud bricks on the top thin plates, one row of pegs from the outside edge, to make the building taper. Build this wall section at least 15 layers tall. (You may need to support the thin plates by adding a few bricks to their outside edges.) As an alternative to the thin plates, simply place the bricks on the inside layer of studs.

Place more thin plates around the edge of the second segment so half of the plates hang into the empty middle of the structure. Add 2x4 stud bricks to the thin plates, set back one row of studs from the edge. This will be the third section of tapering skyscraper. Build it at least 15 layers high. You may need to support the thin plates by adding a few bricks to the outside edge.

Add thick plates to the top of the structure, closing it. Build smaller towers on top of the plate if you like.