The Best Strollers for Traveling with a 3-Year-Old

Bringing along a stroller when traveling with a 3-year-old is a good idea. At this age, toddlers can often get tired and cranky, and carrying them yourself is not good for your back. So finding a good travel stroller is very important. This will allow the child to have a break from walking and can even make a good spot for a nap. Some strollers are geared more toward older children and designed with their size in mind. Many strollers are made to be very lightweight and fold up compactly to make it easier to bring them along when traveling 1.

Maclaren Volo

The Maclaren Volo is an ideal stroller for traveling with a toddler. The weight limit on this stroller is 55 lbs., but the stroller itself only weighs about 8 lbs. and can be folded up compactly for easy transport. What makes this stroller so popular is the fact that you can fold it up with just one hand in less than five seconds. It is made of sturdy aluminum and is easy to steer even with only one hand. The Maclaren Volo can be purchased for about $130, as of 2011.

Silver Cross Micro V.2

The Silver Cross Micro V.2 is a good choice for a traveling toddler and parent. It is lightweight, has a shoulder strap, comfortable foam handles and a shopping basket under the seat. The handles on this stroller are higher than on most strollers, which make it more comfortable for the parent pushing it. This umbrella stroller folds up easily and is small enough to carry along with you, using the built-in carrying strap. This stroller is available for about $125, as of 2011.

Combi Flare

The Combi Flare is one of the most comfortable strollers for a parent to push, since the handles are around 2 to 3 inches higher than most. This stroller can be used for a toddler up to 55 lbs. and is made to last. It is easy to open with just one hand and folds up compactly. The Combi Flare only weighs about 11 lbs., making it perfect for taking along on your trip. As of 2011, the Combi Flare will cost you about $100.

Maclaren Triumph

The Triumph can be used for children up to 55 lbs. or up to 4 years old. It is made to accommodate larger toddlers, who have longer legs and are heavier than younger children and babies. Folding is simple, requiring just one hand, and it folds up smaller than most other umbrella strollers. This is convenient when you are taking a bus, subway or taxicab. You can then carry it along easily using the handy carrying strap that is attached to the stroller. The Maclaren Triumph is available for about $170, as of 2011.