How to Wash Graco Strollers

A stroller can be an indispensible item for a parent of a baby or toddler; it allows you to walk long distances with your child, while providing storage for all the items you need to bring along on excursions with a baby. Inclement weather, muddy shoes and on-the-go snacks can eventually make your stroller look quite dirty with day-to-day use. With a few cleaning tips, you can make your stroller look like new again.

Remove the seat pad on your Graco stroller. To do this, first return the seat into a fully upright position and remove the parent tray. On some models you must remove the screws holding the seat pad to the back of the frame. Unhook all attachments, including the plastic tab on the underside of the seat, and the snaps and hook and loop attachments on each side of the stroller. Lift the bottom portion of the back of the seat cover and remove the screws located there. Unhook the straps on the sides of the seat bottom and feed the straps out through the slots. Undo the elastic strap hooked on either side of the tray. Feed the crotch strap out through the hole in the seat cover, then slide the cover up and off the backrest, pulling the straps out of the slots as you go.

Wash your seat cover on the delicate cycle in cold water. Allow it to drip dry.

Wipe down all parts of the stroller frame and seat with warm, soapy water and a sponge. Hand soap or dish soap are the best choice for cleaning your stroller. Make sure all exposed metal areas are dry when you are finished.

Repeat the Step 1 in reverse to place the clean and dry seat cover back on the frame.


The method of removing the seat cover may vary slightly depending on the model of Graco stroller you own. The method above is for the popular Quattro Tour stroller, but the method should be similar for all full-size Graco strollers. The seat pad on some Graco strollers may not be removable and the fabric must instead be spot-cleaned with a sponge and soapy water. Consult your owner's manual for details.


Never use bleach to clean any part of your stroller.

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