How to Remove a Car Seat From the Base

Most infant car seats now come with a removable base to make getting your infant in and out of the car quick and easy. Removing the car seat from its base is very easy and should take less than 10 seconds and not disturb your sleeping baby. Most infant carriers are removed in the same way, but you should consult your owner's manual if you have problems.

Raise the handle of the carrier. Push the two buttons on the handle to raise it or push the handle in before pulling the handle into the upright position.

Grab the release button on the bottom of the car seat and squeeze. The button is located either near your infant's feet or behind his head.

Pull up on the carrier until it releases from the base. If you cannot get the car seat loose, replace it in the base. Try squeezing the release button slightly harder before attempting to remove the carrier again.


Practice removing the carrier before you place your child inside. This way you can smoothly remove the carrier without waking your infant.


Jerking the carrier out of the base can result in damage to the car seat, rendering it unusable.

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