Evenflo Trailblazer Instructions

Your child is ready to explore the world and you are eager to get them out into the great outdoors. A great option is a backpack and the Evenflo Trailblazer Child Carrier is an excellent choice for babies over six months old 1. This sturdy child carrier can be easily assembled and is perfect for long hikes. It comes with a canopy to protect baby's tender skin from sun exposure and a comfortable harness for mom or dad. Be sure and make all adjustments to the Evenflo Trailblazer Child Carrier before you place baby into the carrier.

Align the carrier for your or your partner's height. The height adjuster is located on the rear of the backpack just under the padded hip straps. It will be numbered one, two, three and four. Pinch the two arrowed clips toward each other and move the clip to notch one for adults up to 5'1", two for adults 5'2" to 5'4", position three for adults 5'5" to 5'7" and position four for adults up to 5'11". For adults taller than six feet, use position five.

Adjust the lumbar support strap for comfort by pulling on the excess strap that hangs free from the clip or thread it back through the clip in order to tighten it . This strap is located on either side of the back of the carrier and are the two outermost straps.

Position the hip belt so that it rests upon your hips. Then adjust the shoulder strap by pulling on the excess strap that hangs free from the strap's clip. You can loosen the shoulder straps if need be by threading the excess strap back through. Make sure they fit snugly and will not move once the baby is in the carrier.

Lower the U-shaped hard plastic loading stand by pulling it out from underneath the pack and swinging it back until it clicks into place. This will stabilize the carrier so you can fit your child into the carrier without having to wear it at the same time. Place your child in the carrier and fit the interior straps across their shoulders and adjust so they fit by pulling on the excess strap.

Adjust the backrest by tightening the straps that run on the outside of the carrier that are level with where your child's underarm should be and that continue across where your back will be touching the pack. By tightening these straps, you will narrow the opening of the backpack for a smaller child 1. Loosening will enable you to fit a toddler or a child heavier than 15 pounds into this section securely. Loosen them by threading the excess strap that hangs free from the strap's clip or tighten them by threading it back through the clip.

Request another adult put the carrier on your back with your child already in. Have your companion push up the stand and hold the backpack in place as you fasten the strap over your sternum and then snap the hip belt into place. Once secured, continue to have your friend support the backpack until you achieve a comfortable fit by moving the clip up or down the excess strap 1. Attach the backpack with the fasteners in each corner of the pack to the carrier. If you would like to use the canopy, remove it from the backpack and attach it to the carrier by snapping the back of the canopy to each side.


For more detailed instructions, use the customer service email located on Evenflo.com. They will email you the PDF instructions for the Evenflo Trailblazer Child Carrier.

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