How to Adjust Evenflo Car Carrier Straps

An Evenflo car carrier, also known as an infant carrier, is a baby car seat that can be removed from the car and used to tote a baby around without having to reinstall each time 1. Evenflo car carriers--used for infants weighing between 5 and 22 pounds--must be installed rear facing. To ensure baby's safety, it is important to know how to adjust Evenflo car carrier straps when buckling him into the seat 1.

Adjust Harness Strap Position

Place baby in the Evenflo car carrier and buckle her in. Shoulder straps should be located at or below his shoulder level. If the harness strap is located above the baby's shoulder level, continue with the following steps. If the strap is positioned at or below shoulder level, continue to Section 2: Adjust Car Carrier Straps.

Remove baby from seat. Turn the Evenflo car carrier over and locate the metal anchors on the bottom of the car seat 1. Snap the anchor out of the slot and, pulling outward, turn the anchor sideways. Thread anchor and strap up through the bottom of the seat.

Continue threading through the shoulder slots. Locate the desired shoulder slot, and thread anchor and strap back through the correct slot.

Repeat for other side, ending by threading back through the bottom of the car seat and clipping the anchor back into place.

Adjust Car Carrier Straps

Place baby in the Evenflo car carrier and connect the chest and crotch buckles. Ensure that no clothing is hindering the buckles from locking. Slide the chest buckle up to the baby's armpit level.

Adjust Evenflo car carrier straps. The adjustment mechanism is located on the back of the car seat. Pull up on the strap ends to tighten. Check to make sure there is no slack in the belt both in the rear of the car seat and the straps surrounding baby.

Loosen straps by grasping the shoulder harness strap on one side. From the back of the car seat, press down on the black lever while simultaneously pulling outward on the strap. Repeat for the other side.


There should be no more than one finger of space between the baby's shoulder and the harness belt. Shoulder harness should be positioned at or below baby's shoulder. Check installation before every car ride. Put car carrier handle down before driving to avoid injury in car accident.


Infants should always ride rear facing. Never install an infant seat in front of a working air bag.

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