Instructions for a Baby Trend Expedition Stroller

Baby Trend, Inc. manufactures a variety of strollers, including double and single jogging strollers, like the Baby Trend Expedition. The Expedition single jogging stroller features a lockable swivel wheel in the front, a 5-point safety harness, reflectors for added visibility and lightweight construction. It is JPMA, Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, certified, so you know it's safe for your little one, and you can use it for children up to 50 pounds. Knowing the proper assembly and maintenance instructions enables you to care for the stroller so you can safely use it for years to come.

Unfolding and Folding

When you first get your Expedition stroller, unfold it by placing it in front of you with the wheels on the ground. Lifting the folding latch on the right side opens the stroller. Use both hands to pull up on the stroller handle until it locks into position. The stroller is secure when each latch is fully engaged.

Fold the stroller when you're done using it. The canopy needs to be closed and the seat reclined. Pull the trigger folds located on each side of the stroller at the same time. As the handle begins moving down to the floor, release the fold buttons and continue folding the stroller. The fold latch on the right side of the stroller must be hooked over the rivet on the stroller frame to secure the stroller.

Using the Baby Trend Expedition

Adjust the shoulder straps until they are level with or just below the top of your baby's shoulders. The shoulder harnesses are fed through whichever of the three loop positions that best fits your baby.

When you place your baby in the seat, secure the waist straps around his waist and the shoulder straps over his shoulders. Pull the crotch strap up between his legs and connect everything by placing the male end of each strap into the crotch strap's buckle. Pull to tighten the harness until it fits snugly on your baby.

Releasing the safety harness enables you to remove your baby from the stroller. Apply pressure to each side of the male clip until it releases.

Pulling the canopy forward or pushing it backward adjusts it where you need it.

Engage the brakes by pressing down on each brake lever, which are found on both rear wheels. Try moving the stroller to ensure the brakes are working properly. They release when you lift up on them with your foot.

The front swivel wheel should be locked and the stroller's safety strap needs to be connected to your wrist before you use your stroller for jogging. To lock the front wheel, locate the lever above the wheel and switch it up. Unlock it by pressing the lever back down.

Helpful Tips

A stroller sitting in the hot sun can cause its parts to become dangerously hot, which can burn your baby. Keep your stroller out of the sun for extended periods of time, warns the Mayo Clinic website.

Avoid hanging heavy bags from the stroller's handle, as this can make it tip over. Instead, place your belongings safely in the basket.

Clean your Expedition stroller regularly with a mild detergent or household soap and warm water.

Stroller Maintenance

Inspect your Baby Trend stroller periodically, checking for worn parts, loose screws and torn stitching or material, advises Baby Trend. If your stroller is damaged in any way, stop using it. Contact the customer service hotline at 1-800-328-7363 to inquire about repairs or order parts.

Tires should always be properly inflated, with 20 to 25 pounds of air pressure. To inflate your tires, use a hand-operated bicycle air pump.

Return the warranty card that came with your stroller so you'll be notified if it's ever recalled. To check for recalls, visit the Baby Trend or U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission websites 2.

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