Evenflo Crib Assembly Instructions

Ensuring your baby has a safe night's sleep is one of the most important responsibilities as a parent. A crib keeps your baby secure throughout the night by keeping him from falling or crawling away. The crib, however, must be constructed properly to avoid injury to the baby 1. Putting together an Evenflo crib properly will offer parents peace of mind and a restful night's sleep knowing their baby is sleeping safely and soundly.

Headboard and Footboard

For the easiest installation, lay the crib on the floor 1. Screw in the "L" brackets at the base of the headboard and footboard using 2-3/4-inch wood screws. To attach the headboard and the footboard together, insert the provided cross dowel piece into the stationary rail (not drop rail) on the right hand side of the crib. To hold the cross dowel in place, insert the provided 2-13/16-inch screws through the hole in the top of the stationary railing. Repeat this procedure with the cross dowel and place the screws in the left side of the crib's stationary railing. Finally, tighten the screws in place.

Mattress Support

Match the holes of the hanger portion of the crib with the corner edge of the wire metal mattress portion of the crib. Starting from the outside, place the provided 1/2-inch machine screw through a hole, and on the opposite side of the metal, screw the nut on top of the screw to hold into place. Tighten the screw in place using a screwdriver, such as a Phillips head. Holding the nut in place with pliers can make this process easier. Repeat with each of the four screws and nuts.

Dropside Rail

Place the dropside rail into the appropriate area of the crib 1. Line up the brackets on the headboard and footboard with the holes in the drop rail. Place the drop rod provided into the holes on the left or right side portion of the crib so that it rests on the bottom latch. Move the bumper spring between the latch and bottom of the rail. Feed the drop rod through the bumper spring to hold in place. Repeat with the opposite side of the dropside rail and the additional drop rod. Attach the top of the dropside rail to the footboard and headboard by matching the holes in the drop rod with those in the headboard and footboard. Screw in with the 1-1/2-inch screws and tighten. Check to see that the dropside rail works by pulling up on the rail and gently moving the kickrod at the base of the dropside rail with your foot. To put back into place, lift up on the rail and push the kickrod back into place.

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