How to Assemble Simmons Baby Cribs

Baby cribs can be very challenging to assemble, particularly if you do not have assembly instructions 1. However, you can put a Simmons crib together by following a few fairly easy directions. Simmons cribs normally include a drop-down front railing, which makes it easier to move your child into and out of the crib. Follow these guidelines to assemble your Simmons baby crib with or without a drop-down front railing.

Lay the four sides of the crib out in the exact way they will be put together. Place all the necessary parts, including the mattress, screws and brackets to the side so you can access them easily during the process.

Screw the four (or three if you have a drop-down front) sides of the crib together. Make sure the notches match up and that each of the sides of the crib face the right way. Ensure that the sides face the right way by making sure any unfinished wood faces inwards.

Connect the stabilizing bars to the ends of the cribs (the shorter crib sides--not the front or back of the crib) for Simmons cribs that have drop-down bars in the front. Place the bar so that the bracket screws are located in the smaller part of the keyhole. Tighten the screws as firmly as you can. Then connect the stabilizing bar to the end of the crib. Connect the opposite ends of the stabilizing bars to the opposite side of the crib.

Assemble the spring mattress support. Screw each of the four spring clips (that are located on every corner of the spring support) tightly into place. Adjust the brackets up or down if necessary to help make an even mattress support frame.

Connect the drop sides of the crib to the main structure. Install the gate shoes (located at the bottom of the front of the crib) by screwing them into place as tightly as you can. Screw in drop side rods on every side the crib. Next, put the drop side piece into place. Screw it into the rods of each side directly through the threaded sleeve.

Test the crib railing to make sure it moves down when the gate shoe (located on the bottom rail) moves to one side (either the right or left side--depending on the particular Simmons model). Make sure the railing locks into place when you lift this side up by ensuring that you hear it “snap.”

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