How to Put the Straps Back Together in a Graco Infant Car Seat

The straps in your Graco car seat can become tangled over time, or may need to be cleaned. Sometimes, for these purposes, you may find it easier to undo the straps completely from the car seat. The straps can easily be removed and placed back into the car seat without much fuss.

Locate the buckle on the front of the car seat that fits between your child's legs. This is the buckle to which the shoulder and leg straps both connect.

Connect the shoulder straps to the buckle in the front. Then, route the top part of the strap through the slots on the car seat. There are typically three slots on each side, all at a different level for the size of the child. The smaller your child is, the lower the straps should be placed on the seat. Route each strap through the correct slot for your child's height.

Turn the car seat over so you are looking at the bottom of the unit. Locate the slots on the back for the shoulder straps to come through. You will be able to pull the straps through the slots so they go completely through.

Locate the hooks on the back of the car seat that hold the straps in place. On most Graco units, the hooks are either stainless steel or gold colored. One hook will be on the left, and one will be on the right.

Take the end of each of the two shoulder straps and route them tightly through the two hooks on the back of the unit. Each strap will have a loop at the end with reinforced stitching. Use the loop part to hook into the metal hooks on the back. The straps should be very snug and not come off the hooks.

Turn the unit back over so you are looking at the seat itself. Locate the adjustment lever or button on the bottom of the front part of the unit. Typically in Graco units, this is in the center of the unit, 3 to 4 inches below the buckle, and it may be covered by fabric. The adjustment lever or button can be pushed down while the straps are being pulled outward to adjust the tightness. To tighten the straps further, you can push down on the lever/button and pull on the long adjustment strap just below the lever/button.


There should be about two finger widths of space between your baby and the straps (both shoulder straps and leg straps). Make adjustments as necessary so your child is comfortable in the seat.

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