Instructions for How to Assemble a Munire Crib Lifetime Conversion

The Munire Lifetime cribs are designed to accommodate your child from the time she is born through her teen years. They convert -- with little effort -- from a crib to a toddler bed and, later, to a full-size bed. Unlike many other companies that market lifetime beds, Munire includes all pieces necessary in the packaging you purchase with your crib. The original assembly can be completed in under and hour and each conversion takes approximately 30 minutes.

Assemble the mattress spring support by installing a support bracket at either end of the front and back of the spring assembly. Secure the brackets using a 3/4-inch bolt through each bracket into the holes of the spring assembly and tighten using a wing nut on the end of each bolt. The height of the mattress is determined by which holes on the crib assembly you use to secure the support bracket 1. The holes closest to the center of the crib assembly cause the mattress to sit lower and the holes near the corners raise the mattress to a higher position 1.

Secure the side panels of the crib to the headboard by inserting a 4-inch Allen bolt through the holes at the top and bottom of the headboard into the side panels. Turn the Allen key clockwise to securely fasten the headboard to the side panels.

Insert the stabilizer bar between the side panels. Place a 2 3/4-inch Allen bolt through the holes along the bottom of the side panels into the stabilizer bar and tighten with the Allen key.

Install the spring assembly by placing a 1-inch Allen bolt through each corner of the stabilizer bar into the bottom hole on the support bracket. Place one K nut at the end of each bolt and tighten with the Allen key. To secure the headboard, follow the same procedure using the 1 3/8-inch Allen bolts.

Remove the foot board and lower the spring assembly to the lowest position for the toddler bed conversion.

Full Bed Conversion

Disassemble all pieces of the bed by removing all Allen bolts. All pieces except eight 3/4-inch Allen bolts can be stored for future use.

Install the side rails of the full size bed. Insert a 3/4-inch Allen bolt into each of the holes on the bottom of the headboard and foot board into the side rails and tighten them with the Allen key.

Install the mattress slats by lining up the pre-drilled holes in the slats to the holes in the side rails of the bed. Insert one 3/4-inch screw into each hole and tighten by turning the screws clockwise using the Phillips screwdriver.

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