Peg Perego Martinelli Stroller Instructions

Peg Perego has been making quality, dependable strollers for decades—the Martinelli is no exception. Billed as a high-end stroller to take your child from newborn to preschooler in style, the Martinelli has many desirable and easy-to-use features. The reversible handle gives your baby the option of looking up at you, or out at the world. While riding in the stroller, the snuggly foot muff will keep your baby cozy and warm during a chilly fall stroll.

Folding Your Martinelli Stroller

Depress the foot pedal labeled #1.

Depress foot pedal labeled #2

While keeping the #2 pedal depressed, pull up on the handlebars. As you pull up, the stroller should collapse.

Engage the fold-locking mechanism to ensure that the stroller does not reopen during transport.

Opening Your Martinelli Stroller

Firmly grasp the handle bar and pull up.

Listen for a click. The click indicates the locking mechanism is engaged and the stroller is ready to use.

Place your baby in the seat, making sure the floating harness is snug and secure.

Reversing the Handle Bar on Your Martinelli Stroller

Disengage the handle bar by pulling up on the clips located on either side of the handle bar.

Rotate handle bar in the desired position, either baby facing you or baby facing away.

Firmly press handle in place, making sure the clips lock into position.

Enjoy your stroll.


Always ensure that your child is buckled in the stroller.