How to Replace the Seat of an Evenflo ExerSaucer

The Evenflo EverSaucer was introduced as an alternative to baby walkers. Designed to entertain and enrich babies between birth and 24 months, the seats are made to detach so that they can be laundered. Some parents say it can be challenging to replace the seat of the ExerSaucer after cleaning. Once the seat is removed and laundered, follow these steps to place it back into the ExerSaucer.

Replacing the Seat of an Evenflo ExerSaucer

Turn the white label sewn into the fabric seat cover towards the inside of the plastic seat facing the rear of the ExerSaucer.

Place the fabric seat into the ExerSaucer 1.

Bring the top of the fabric seat over the plastic seat back.

Use the butter knife to push the elastic loop sewn onto the fabric seat and slide it between the side ring and the rotating ring.

Pull the loop down under the rotating ring using your finger. Attach it to the prong protruding from the rotating ring.

Take the white plastic tab attached to the loop and feed it back through the slot between the seat ring and rotating ring.

Repeat on each side of the ExerSaucer 1.


Clean the ExerSaucer while the fabric seat is being laundered.

Work in a room away from your baby as you reassemble the seat.


Check your work after you reattach the seat before you let a child use the ExerSaucer to make sure you have properly reattached the seat.

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