How to Fold a Jeep Stroller With Three Wheels

Three-wheel Jeep strollers are an all-terrain, sturdy choice for transporting your little one while you’re out and about. Once you have put the stroller together properly and taken it out for a spin, you will need to know how to fold it for easy storage. Depending on the type of Jeep stroller you have, the folding method will vary slightly, but it will only take you a minute or two to complete.

Getting Ready

You should take care of a few things before you try to fold up your stroller. First of all, lock both foot brakes so it doesn’t roll away from you as you are trying to fold it up. Ensure that the seat is in the fully reclined position. The canopy should also be closed.

Unlocking the Stroller

To unlock the stroller, position yourself behind it. If you have a Jeep Liberty three-wheel stroller, look on the left side of the stroller where the canopy connects with the outside frame. You will find a red button near that location. With your thumb, push the button to the left and hold. This unlocks the stroller. Look on the handle of the stroller for the red lever, squeeze it and hold. If you have a Jeep Overland three-wheel jogging stroller, look for the trigger fold on the frame below the parent tray. Pull the latches upward.

Folding the Stroller

Once you have unlocked the Liberty stroller with the button and lever, you should push the stroller down. This should cause it to fold. If these actions don’t cause it to fold, locate the two latches on the stroller frame and pull upward on them. The stroller will also fold this way. For the Overland, you must push the stroller forward to get it to fold. For either stroller, you should engage the locking latch on the side of the stroller frame.

Storing It

Proper storage is vital if you want to keep your Jeep stroller in good condition. Don’t stack other items on top of the folded stroller. Avoid damp storage areas, as this may cause mildew or mold to grow on the stroller.

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