How to Keep a Stroller Safe at Disneyland

Hundreds of thousands of children and parents flock to Disneyland each year to meet beloved characters and to enjoy thrilling amusement park rides. If you have small children, you can bring your own stroller in or rent one at the park. A stroller allows your child to enjoy Disneyland without getting so tuckered out from walking that she's unable to enjoy the experience. Because you can't take the stroller on rides or into certain attractions and gift shops, it's essential to make sure it's in a safe place when you leave it unattended.

Tie a brightly colored ribbon around the handles of your child's stroller, recommends USA Today. This makes your stroller easily identifiable, which reduces the risk that someone else will mistake your stroller for their own and take it while you're on a ride or shopping. This is particularly effective if you rent your stroller at the park because all of those strollers look exactly alike.

Use designated stroller parking. Disneyland has special areas near each ride or group of rides set aside for strollers 1. When you use these areas to park your stroller, it's less likely to be taken by someone else since there are always people milling about dropping off or collecting their own stroller.

Attach a bicycle lock or a padlock around the wheels of the stroller so it can't be rolled or pushed. This will help deter would-be thieves from making off with your stroller. It doesn't take much for stressed-out parents who forgot their own stroller to grab yours, put their kid in it and stroll away.

Trade off rides with others in your party. If someone in your party isn't interested in a certain ride, put him in charge of babysitting the stroller while everyone else has a turn. If he does want to ride, switch off so everyone gets a turn.


Don't spend your entire Disneyland vacation worrying about your stroller. As long as you have your valuables on your person, you can always rent another stroller, but almost everyone at the park is there to have a good time, as well, and not many people are looking to rob someone of their stroller.


Don't leave valuables, such as money, cameras or car keys, in your stroller. Instead, put them in your pockets so you still have them in case your stroller does get taken. If a ride gets particularly busy, a Disneyland employee might rearrange the stroller parking area to make room for more strollers. Check around if you don't immediately spot your stroller. Chances are, it got moved rather than stolen.