How Do I Clean My Bugaboo?

With a passion for innovative products, Bugaboo is a company that makes products to keep your baby moving 1. Whether your little one can only get around in a stroller or you need this baby-gear staple to keep her safe and secure while you're out, understanding how to properly wash your Bugaboo will keep it clean and comfy for her 1.

Removal of the Cloth Parts

Removing the cloth parts differs by model. Not every cloth part comes off in the same way for each style. For example, the bassinet and seat fabrics may be removed from the metal frame of the Bugaboo Frog, Cameleon, Donkey and Buffalo by unfastening the tabs 123. The Bugaboo Bee, however, has no bassinet and you can detach only the seat fabric 1. The seat comes apart -- bottom and back -- and both may be taken off the metal frame. You will need to pull the seat-belt latches out of the fabric cover. This is the reverse of how you originally installed it.

Cleaning the Cloth Parts

All of the detachable Bugaboo fabrics are machine washable 1. Remove the aerated inlay from the mattress part of the bassinet before washing. The maximum temperature for washing the fabric of all models is 85 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the user guides. You can wash the mattress inlay at a water temperature up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a gentle, non-bleach detergent to wash all fabric parts. Allow washed parts to air-dry. Replace the inlay and reattach the pieces to the metal frame with the tabs or straps that you originally unfastened.

How to Clean the Plastic and Metal Parts

While the fabric pieces are off of the Bugaboo, you can easily clean the metal and plastic parts of the frame 1. Use lukewarm tap water and a soft towel to gently wipe dirt and grime away from the metal body. Dry the wet parts with another towel. You can also remove any stubborn spots with a soft brush. Brush dirt, sand, dust or muck away gently. You don't need water while using the brush.

How to Clean the Wheels

Even though it's possible to clean the wheels with a wet towel as you wash down the body of the stroller, you can also remove them and wash them separately. Unscrew the swivel wheels from the bottom of the Bugaboo 1. Never completely submerge the wheels in water, as this may damage the bearings. Wipe the wheels off with a warm, wet washcloth. Dry them completely before putting them back on the bottom of the frame. Reverse the process that you used for taking the wheels off.

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