How to Clean a Maclaren Triumph Stroller

Busy moms on-the-go need a reliable stroller that can be easily cleaned. Owen Maclaren, a former test pilot and aeronautical engineer, introduced the Maclaren Triumph stroller, a lightweight and transportable stroller with a removable, machine-washable seat cover.

The Maclaren Triumph stroller also features a five-point safety harness and reclining seat to keep your child comfortable and safe when travelling. The aluminium frame is lead free and can be easily wiped down. The Maclaren Triumph stroller offers comfort and cleanliness.

Remove the bonnet from your Maclaren Triumph stroller if you fitted it on during initial assembly.

Thread the shoulder strap end buckles through the slits in the seat cover fabric to remove. Repeat this step for the waist and crotch strap buckles.

Unsnap the seat cover straps, located at the top and sides of the seat fabric. Repeat this step for the handle tube straps and seat base snaps.

Remove the seat fabric from the stroller base and seat back.

Machine wash on a gentle cycle with mild detergent. Hang up to dry to prevent shrinkage of the seat cover.

Reattach the seat cover fabric by following the removal instructions in reverse order.

Remove the seat cover.

Wipe the frame of the stroller with a soft, damp cloth and mild detergent.

Wipe the frame dry with a cloth or towel.

Wipe down the Maclaren Triumph bonnet if necessary, using a damp sponge and mild cleaner. Dry immediately after washing with a dry towel.

Allow the stroller to completely dry before storing in a safe place.


Do not use any harsh, abrasive cleansers on your Maclaren stroller to prevent damage. Clean your Maclaren stroller regularly for the optimal use and duration.

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