How to Install the Bugaboo Wheeled Board

The Bugaboo wheeled board allows you to turn your single-seater Bugaboo stroller into a two-child vehicle with ease 1. By following the simple installation instructions, you can attach the board so it is there whenever you need it. Whether you have an older child who gets tired on long walks or a toddler with a newborn sibling, the board creates a safe spot for your child to ride and allows you to travel easily with your kids and your Bugaboo.

Remove the seat from your Bugaboo stroller and move the handlebar into position over the large rear wheels. Locate the horizontal bar running between the rear wheels which is where the board is installed.

Find the numbers written on the side of each of the clamps included with the wheeled board. The number ending with the letter L goes on the left side and the one ending with the letter R goes on the right.

Turn the clamps so the written sides are facing each other. The openings of the clamps should be facing away from you, with the small extending lips facing inward toward each other.

Position the openings of the clamps against the horizontal bar between the wheels and then push them until the clamps grab on. Slide the left clamp all the way to the left rear wheel and the right clamp to the right side.

Lay the stroller frame down on the right side. The frame should be resting on the right wheels with the left wheels up in the air. Turn the wheeled board on its side so the underside of the board is facing toward the clamps on the frame.

Line up the hooks on the end of the board with the clamps on the frame. Push the hooks up and under the lips on the sides of the clamps and gently rotate the board up toward the handlebar. Turn the frame upright when the board is securely hooked into the clamps.

Lift up the board slightly and slide the loose wheel underneath. Fit the vertical post up inside the hole at the rear of the board and push it up until the wheel snaps into place.

Wrap the hook and loop strap around the central bar of the frame with the elastic band facing behind the stroller. Press the hook into the dip in the middle of the board. When you want to fold up the board, latch the hook in the board onto the elastic band on the central bar.


Remove the wheeled board by following the installation instructions backward.


Do not try to install the bar with a child in the stroller or with the seat attached.